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After a good night’s sleep, it was time to meet
Velvet Sue and Billy Bob! Dagmar and QBall
went on ahead to Mavis and Uncle Bob’s to
straighten up their house, while I spent some
time down on the farm. Velvet Sue showed me
her vegetable garden and her pig, Oinker!
Then, Billy Bob took us down and showed me the
sweetheart tree where he and Velvet Sue carved
out their initials!
Velvet meets Oinker!
Velvet meets Oinker!
Then we went riding. Billy Bob let me ride his beautiful palomino horse, Clover.
He held the reins ‘til I got the hang of it! Look, Ma, no hands!!! Hee! Hee!
Afterwards, we all went out to meet Mavis and Uncle Bob. Here we are, standing in front
of their house! It was a fun day!
We spent a few more days
together, just relaxing and
having fun. Sadly, though,
all good things
must come to an end
and it was time to say
goodbye. (Sniff!)
I sure will miss everyone!
Hi! Well, this is my last
day here! I'm all packed
up and ready to go! Just
before leaving, Dagball
let me ride her
After some tearful
goodbye hugs, I waved a
final farewell to everyone
and got back in my
traveling box with Teddy.
“Goodbye, everyone!”
I waved.
“Goodbye, Velvet!” they
all waved back.
“Come back soon!!!!”

Well, it’s
back home
again! See
ya soon!