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Back Home Again
before Heading to
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Hi Everyone!  

I am home for a few days and then I am
heading to Rebecca's in Ky!  I am so excited
to meet the gang - Dagmar, Q-Ball, Billie
Bob, Velvet Sue and the rest. I am sure to
have some great times at their house. Stay
tuned and watch for my new adventures.
Here's a few pics of me with my family and
friends back home. Dina had so many
questions - like did I meet Shaun Cassidy
while I was away or Les McKeown? Duh! If I
did I sure wouldn't tell her - she would tell
every CrissyTown fan! ha ha

Well my bags are all packed and
I am ready to go!

See ya'll soon!  
Love, Velvet
Velvet & her Adventures in Kentucky with
Dagmar & Friends! Story by Rebecca Rau
Well, since I was so tired, the girls decided we’d have a little slumber party and get to bed
early! We all sat down on the bed and ate hot dogs and drank sodas! Q-Ball gave me a very nice
pink Teddy bear to sleep with. I get to keep it for my very own!!!
After our little hot dog party, we went to sleep.... just me and the girls - and Teddy! It was
a nice peaceful night, just the four of us!
The next day, we were on our way to the park when we ran into Dagball.... and let me tell
you, she is one cool Velvet! Hee! Hee! She rides a motorcycle and everything!
We all walked
around Boldman Park for awhile and looked at
all the pretty flowers! Here I am, standing on a
rock by Shadowen Pond..... and here’s me
and Dagball on the swings...... Wheeeeee!!!!!
Afterwards, we were all
hungry, so we got out our
picnic basket and sat under a
tree and ate. Oh, boy, fried
chicken, my favorite!!!! Then,
we headed back home. Uncle
Jim was there
waiting for us and he had
baked me the most beautiful
cake I ever saw..... It was RED
VELVET!!! Now, how did he
know?! Hee! Hee!
Well, it was a long day, so we
called it a night! Hee! Hee!
Hee! All that sugar has given
me the giggles! Hee! Hee!
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Hi! Well, its off for another vacation - this time to visit Rebecca in Kentucky!
I can’t wait to meet Dagmar, Q-Ball, Velvet Sue, and Billy Bob!
“Hey, Dagmar!” said Q-Ball. “We just got a BIG box in the mail!”
“I wonder what it could be?” said Dagmar.
“I don’t know,” said Q-Ball. “Let’s open it and find out!”
“Hey!” said Dagmar. “It’s Velvet!”
“Oh, goody!” said Q-Ball. “Hi, Velvet!”
“Hi!” said Velvet, as she popped her little head up out of the box.
“Gee, you look tired!” said Dagmar.
“I am,” said Velvet. “It’s been a rough couple of days in that box!”