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Here's a few pictures of Oregon Caves
located in Cave Junction, Oregon.
I wasn't allowed in because
I am too short. If you visit here
be sure to wear a jacket
as I heard it is
chilly in the caves.
Out 'n' About Treehouse Resort
Here are just a few of the great
treehouses located in Takilma, Oregon.
What a great way to spend
a vacation!!
I had the time of
my Dolly Life
when I visited
in Oregon!  
See my awesome
My Fishing Trip with my Grandpa Bill
I sure is glad I gots a Grandpa.
                             Grandpa, your termos felled over.   
                               Relaxing on Grandpas lap.                                                                         Hope that dog don't scares the fish away!!   
Grandpa,did you REALLY REALLY dig this lake all by youself with just a spoon??
Hi everybody!! Well here I am at beautiful Lake Selmac in Selma Oregon, fishing with my
Grandpa Bill. I bet you didn't know I had a Grandpa!! I didn't either!! He is so cool.
Be careful my purple worms don't gets away.
                          This sure is a big ole tree.                                                    Giddyup Grandpa!!!
I am having whole bunches of fun with grandpa. He sure knows lots of stuffs. Its fun havin a grandpa he takes ya fishing and spoils ya.
What more fun could a girl want????
Cheryl sent a Cinnamon (the lil squirt ha ha) to Nancy
as a gift for hosting me. Neat huh?
You will see her in my next Oregon adventure.
Stay tuned and click the link below or my picture to read more
about the fun I had at Nancy's house.
See More of my Fun at
Nancy's House in
Oregon! Click here or
my picture to go to the
next part.
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past adventures!