Ahoy Maties!
Hi! I'm Velvet doll and I am on vacation!
What a fabulous time I am having at Robin's. This
weekend she drove us out to Mt Dora. We really
bonded, she is such a nice person! We visited the
Lighthouse to look for gators. See the small binoculars
she brought for me? What fun we had! The lighthouse
was so groovy and the day was just perfect for gator
viewing - except we didn't see any. I think if we did that I
would have screamed so loud that
Ideal Crissy doll &
Cinnamon would have heard me back home!
ha ha We sure had a blast!
Me posin' at the Lighthouse - although
I am a straight-bodied first edition
Ideal Crissy Family Velvet doll ya know!
Here I am at Liz's doll shop
ummm...this lil doll sure is cute! Robin
bought this doll as a gift for my next
hostess - Carla. Isn't that nice?
Robin's friend Liz let me pose in her front window at her doll shop. This photo reminds me of that old
song - How much is that doggie in the window! How much is that
Velvet doll in the window? haha
Here I am at
birthday party
with Nanny.

This cookie
cake was so
Back to School!
Well, ummmm what
was I doing in the
principal's office?

Well........don't tell
Crissy doll & Cinnamon
but I was a bad girl!

He sure gave me a
stern lecture about the
evils of acting up in
class. I was good all
afternoon after this
Here I am with three of my teachers. I sure had a fun-filled day!
This was my favorite part of the day. I was learning
nursing hands-on. They wouldn't let me give any
shots, but I sure wanted too! I decided that when I
grow up I want to be a nurse. Nurse
Velvet - it has
a nice ring to it....don't you think so?  There will be
more of my
Velvet doll on vacation adventures
soon - so keep checking back.

Love, Velvet
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Photos courtesy of Robin
Back Home at Grandma's!

Well Velvet just called from
her new host's house. She
was worried about you
Cinnamon. I told her that you
were pouting and missed her
and here I see Paddington is
throwing you a
tea party!

Tee Hee! Crissy whose house
Velvet at?

Oh, that's a secret you lil

More coming soon from

Love, Crissy
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